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Incognito Mode Paywall

Incognito Mode Paywall


There are a lot of paywall applications available on the market nowadays.  All of them do the same thing, more or less. They provide a number of plug-ins that set up subscription content platforms and convenient pay buttons so that visitors are strongly encouraged to subscribe to keep reading whatever you’re offering.  The idea is to convert casual browsers into paying customers. But, what happens to this income stream when too many people have learned to avoid the subscribe button and can keep reading anyway, for free?  I will tell you what happens – you start losing money!


All of these paywall services work on cookies, and some clever and not-so-honest folks have figured out how to use that to circumvent that all-important subscription button.  These not-so-honest people have figured out that they can keep reading for free if they just go incognito and open a new browser from time to time.  And it works every time because all of the cookies for any given site are reset every time a new browser is opened up.  And, why are people going to pay for something that they don’t have to?  I know I wouldn’t.


This sort of thing is exactly why you need to invest in Excalibur! We offer all of the same paywall services that our competitors do, and then some. With Excalibur, your content is protected from this sort of theft. Excalibur software is engineered especially to keep people from being able to avoid your subscription button, even if they are running incognito and bouncing between 3 or 4 different browsers. That means a higher conversion rate for your site and more money in your pocket. No other paywall application has a simple solution for this – Excalibur is one of the few.


Why bother going through the trouble of setting up paywalls on your site if people can just read for free anyway?  It is well worth your time and money to invest in a stronger and better system like Excalibur in the first place and protect your income stream, and therefore, your business.   http://www.syncronex.com/, https://inplayer.com, https://piano.io/, https://www.paywallz.com https://mmbr.io/  , https://www.mppglobal.com/us/  are some of the other providers  who are still behind with features like this.  Have them update their system to protect your content better or look for a better service like Excalibur and enjoy better conversions.


Excalibur can block incognito mode, improving your conversion rate.

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