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Excalibur Tutorial


Quick Beginner’s Guide

This page has been created to help you quickly get up to speed with common task and changes you may want to do with your configuration.

Configure You Pawall

Every changes below are done in the Calibrator module, which is used to configure all light box settings. From font color/style to background images to product listing and prices. You should have received and email with your username and password. The Excalibur Dashboard is located here : Dashboard


When you log in to the dashboard with your new account and you navigate to the Calibrator module. Then click on product to see all pre configured products. You should see 3 products. These were automatically created for you. You can use them as template to create more product if needed.

Trial product ( a product that convert to the monthly product after one month, very popular way to get people to sign up )

Monthly Product

Yearly Product.

You can adjust the prices.

Under each product , you can navigate to their fees and update it to whatever make sense for your site.


From the the calibrator landing view, click on configure under “Campaign Product” to get here.

We added these three product in your campaign to be sold, only the product shown here are displayed to the customer. However if this does not meet what you need, you can easily add or remove a product to be shown to your customers. This can be done by going to “Campaign Product” ( please take a look at the first image at the top of the page to see where this options is). You can even specify the order of the product in your campaign lightbox.


Click on the Asset ID shown on the first screen shot to be directed to your Asset profile information. Please make sure that terms and condition and contact detail page (Help section/Customer Service) are pointing to a valid url. Omit https:// if you need to update this. Only put www.google.com for example.


Campaign are the heart of your offers. this the configuration of how your meter will look and work. You can get to it by clicking on Configure under Campaign in the first screenshot above.


Meter – This is where you will configure how many messages ( up to 3 ) you want to show your customers and at which page views.


First lets take a look at the campaign that we configured based on the input you provided:

Everything from the background image, to font style and color can be adjusted to your liking. Our configuration will look like this except for the logo:


Metering View

Here you can configure up to 3 messages:

Initial – Usually used as a welcome message but optional.

Reminder – Usually used as warning before the final message is shown. Also optional

Final – This is the only required message. It should always be set. When you create your account we generate the offer below for you to use. You can modify it, point to your own images etc..

Page cue count – same as page views. This number represent at which page view count you want the message to show to the customer on your site. By default it is set to 5 page views.



Site Token

This id is what you would put on your site to protect and activate your pawayll.

This id is tied to your campaign which is tied to your products. We designed Excalibur with flexibility in mind. Once you set this ID on your page, you will not need to change it again.

Campaign can be changed at will for example if you created a Christmas campaign and wanted to show it during that holiday, all you need to do is assign it and it will be live right away.




How do I go Live with my configuration?

Site token ID’s always start with “site_tk”…. and can be found on the Site token view as shown above. Just replace the site token value below in red with your own and add these 2 script lines of code to the header of the content you want to protect, preferably after the </body> tag of you page:

<script src=”https://excaliburapp.net/customportal-excalibur/lightbox/loadmeter.js”></script>
$(document).ready(function () {
Meteringload(‘site_tk__AH1NCgjpPiFQ2Fi‘, 1);

For WordPress Client:

Just set your site token id in the Excalibur plugin admin section and it will be activated automatically.

You can use this page to test your settings before going live.

Excalibur Test Page


Customer Service Module

This module was design to help you and your customer service team better assist your customers. You can look up accounts, create new users, add or remove subscriptions and many other things.

Contact Support section:

This section is design for you to get in touch with our system administrator and support. If you need help or cant figure out something, you can always reach us by using this to send us an email.



How To find a Customer and Cancel their subscriptions:



You can search using last or email. We implemented a smart search, typing the first few character will retrieve all matches. If you dont enter anything it will do a full search and return you all your users. Once you select a user you will end up on this view ( Press Subscriptions ):



Click on “Active Susbscriptions” which will show you this view:

From here you can click on “Active” to go the view where you can cancel that subscriptions:



Set to Cancel options – This options will cancel the subscription at the end of the cycle, not right away.

Cancelled – This options will cancel the subscriptions right away and remove all access.

You can choose to send the customer an email of the transaction or not by selecting yes or no for Send Email?



How To find a Customer and Add a subscription: