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Excalibur supports Localization

Excalibur supports Localization


At Custom Paywall Solutions we are proud to offer Excalibur, one of the best platforms in the industry for those who offer digital content. Working with mobile apps as well as with websites it allows our clients to offer outstanding subscription features to their customers.

‘Its a small world after all’

Today’s world is a lot smaller than it once was. It makes sense that our at Custom Paywall Solutions are responding by looking for a top software that supports a variety of languages. Clients come to us asking or stating,

“Pouvons-nous envoyer un courrier électronique à nos clients en français?” (Can we email our customers in French?)

“Nuestras facturas deben enviarse en español.” (Our invoices must be sent in Spanish.)

We are proud to offer a Dashboard that right now supports three languages, English, Spanish and French and happy to reveal that more languages are going to be added.

Supporting localization

There are examples in literature all around us of the process of demystifying languages. In the modern world that process is a lot more viable and that means in business you are no longer limited to reaching out to just those who speak the same language. You can reach out globally and with our support generate subscribers from all over the world. Language is no longer the barrier it might once have been. You have a chance to make everyone feel like a welcome and loyal customer.

That is where the localization comes in. Taking away barriers is more than just offering translation options. Right now English, Spanish and French are in the top 10 of most spoken languages in the world. Mandarin Chinese is at the top, perhaps not surprising given their population and rank as one of the world powers.

Localization means more than just translating into different languages though. Using Excalibur you can start the process of localization. Understanding what different cultures needs are to better adapt what you are offering to local needs. Create invoices, host pages, emails, messages and a customer portal that is in their preferred language is part of that process.

More global success comes with localization.

Let us help you get there

The language support we offer right now is just the start. More languages will be available. If you have a need for a certain set of language files get in touch and let us help you. With Custom Paywall Solutions you can have an easy to install subscriptions service to offer customers all around the world. It has outstanding functionality and new features being developed all the time. With us you can stand out and grow your income.

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