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Author: thegroot

There are several paywall services that offer different options like a paywall plugin so that a person can turn a site that was free into something that is pay to view. Basically, a paywall, whether a hard paywall or soft paywall monetizes online information so that visitors to the site cannot see either some or all of the content. Instead, they pay a fee and...

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Easy Subscriptions to Your Content   If you have any sort of digital content business on the internet, whether that is craft patterns or videos or a blog that you publish or anything else of the kind, then you know that subscribers are your bread and butter, you know how much you count on them to make ends meet.  Without your subscribers, you make no money and...

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  There are a lot of paywall applications available on the market nowadays.  All of them do the same thing, more or less. They provide a number of plug-ins that set up subscription content platforms and convenient pay buttons so that visitors are strongly encouraged to subscribe to keep reading whatever you're offering.  The idea is to convert casual browsers into paying customers. But, what happens...

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