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Add a Paywall/Subscription services to your site or mobile app with Excalibur 

Excalibur is a platform for digital content providers. Any site, large or small, can use Excalibur to easily build a new revenue stream from paid content. While you are still free to earn money from advertising anywhere on your site. Its been proven that a simple paid content plan can quickly surpass what you can earn from advertising, even if you’re only selling access to a small percentage of your site’s content. Our automated system can generate a configuration for you within seconds which allow to be ready to sell as soon as possible. We have the best features on the market. Our flexible and extensible architecture allow you to grow and to experiment with new content offering and settings.

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Create any type of  user/subscriptions service in different language and currency through Excalibur.

Every digital content platform we work with offers their unique subscription package. Many of these content platforms may offer a print edition to local subscribers as well as online subscriptions, for articles you read online.

Generate 5 – 10 times more monthly revenue than advertising alone

Content platforms such as publications, may also offer an e-Edition (a PDF replica version of the paper), an app based reader or a mobile versions of the newspaper.

Awesome Shortcodes
Woo Commerce
Retina Ready
Pixel-Perfect Design
Fully Responsive

The Plugin

With our easy set up, the only thing you would need to do to go live is add 2 lines of JavaScript into your site.  No need for any other changes or integration on your end, complicated set up or hours of training get going because your time is valuable.  For WordPress client,  you only need to set up your site token id and everything else is taken cared of, even easier.

Customer Portal

When a customer is logged in, they can manage their account using the secure customer portal. View subscriptions and transactions, even update their payment information.


Subscription can be billed monthly, one time, or free for print subscribers client.  The flexibility of our system allows you to configure and experiment with various price points.


Excalibur provides a simple, intuitive interface for clients to manage customers, accounts, view analytics and more. You have full control  over your settings.

You can turn it on/off , increase/lower page views, pricing, etc..

WordPress/SquareSpace support

We are one of the only provider that can easily support Square Space  or WordPress website. Our plugin will work the same on any platform without any extra effort from you

Incognito Mode Content Protection

 Excalibur has the ability to protect your content across browsers. When a visitor reach its article limit and this feature is turned on, they will not be able to by pass anything and get to your content.  Helping you convert more.

Campaign A/B Testing

Enable Ad Blocker Detection/Analysis

Ad blocker detection –  Excalibur can gather information related to ad blockers from visitors to your site.  You can also enable messaging to allow increase conversions to your site.  A feature other provider charge extra to use is available to all clients at no cost.

International Audience Campaign Mode

Dynamic metering offer – Excalibur allows you to show your campaign in different currency and language based on location.  For example, a visitor to your site from France may see your offer in Euro,  and  someone from Canada would see the same offer in Canadian dollar. Showing an offer to your site visitor in their own language and currency will improve conversion rate significantly.


Fully PCI compliant with industry-leading payment service providers (Braintree, PayPal, Stripe). No secure data will ever hit your servers, so you can focus on selling rather than security.

Payments management

optimized cash flow with seamless automatic recurring billing. We offer credit/debit card or PayPal for all your customers.

Real Time Analytics

Having a simple way to see how individual customers navigate and take actions on your site in real time is an extremely helpful tool.  Our Access report view helps you quickly identify where your visitors spend most of their time. And Also gain insight on where your customers are coming from ( desktop, mobile (android, IOS ) )

Advanced Exclusion Rules

Excalibur offer ways to apply different exclusion rules:  IP/IP ranges, referral URL, city, and even zip code.  This allow you to offer licensing deals to other company or groups to access your content, helping you generate even more revenue.  Something no other provider will allow you do easily.

Customer Service Tools

Connect and engage your customers,  offer multiple monetization types.  Wether metered/freemium or hard paywall settings. You can experiment and use what works for you.

Power Mobile

Using our IOS and Android SDK, you can power Excalibur through your mobile apps. Be able to authenticate and also meter content through your mobile applications.

Pricing - No hidden fees or long term contract.
  • Basic Plan
    • $ 0 +10% transaction fee Monthly
      • Create admin users for your site
      • Access to reports and site traffic
      • Access to WordPress, SquareSpace plugin.
      • Limited support

  • Advance Plan
    • $ 75 +8% transaction fee Monthly
      • All feature of basic plan
      • Dynamic Campaign
      • Exclusion/Licensing access
      • Upgrade access
      • Unlimited support
      • Ad Blocker statistic
      • Android/IOS SDK

The Content Monetization Platform Of The Future

As both audiences and business models change over time, using a provider with a flexible and  easily extensible architecture will be invaluable. Allowing you to experiment with new content offering and settings  in the future is what we developed. A technology solutions that evolve as you do and without any hidden fees and extra cost.

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